How to mine ethereum on your computer?


Ethereum is more than a cryptomeo. It is a platform for shared and open source computing worldwide. A ‘world computer’ that enables decentralized transaction verification for any viable turing implementation. Thanks to Ethereum, Blockchain technologies are now easy to use without reinventing the wheel. Even though this is rather new coin, many wonder how to buy ether. We will show you in an easy and comprehensive way the best way to buy ether.

Meaning of Ethereum (What is Ethereum?)

It is clear that Ethereum arose from the desire to apply the Bitcoin / Blockchain concepts to areas other than just money. As a result, it provides an open source platform for developers looking to write decentralized applications. This attracts developers who are looking for an easy introduction to Blockchain projects. A number of innovative features define Ethereum. As a result of its extended capabilities, Ethereum comes with two types of accounts. EOA’s, or External Ownership Accounts, provide features similar to Bitcoin, such as providing a balance protected by private keys. Contract Accounts provide the ‘Turing-complete’ space for application development that makes the protocol so desirable, thus making eth mining rig a dream for users.

How ethminer accounts work?

The ethminer accounts are used as retention objects to constitute ‘smart contracts’ that provide Ethereum’s ability to accommodate decentralized autonomous organizations; A way of structuring organizations without a vulnerable center. And most importantly, the Ethereum capitalizes on the perception that consensus allows currency and currency allows consensus to provide economic incentive. As such, the checks are paid on a pay-per-use basis, a system that replaces mining as we know it with Bitcoin.

Where to buy ether?

At present, Ethereum uses Paw mining to protect its chair. Ethereum is a new coin type, the famous Bitcoin (learn how to win bitcoins here). Unlike Bitcoin, it is starting and gaining a lot of strength from the Microsoft company, that is, it is easier to win or to mine. See more where to buy ether:

First you need to create an ether wallet. With the Ethereum, Buterin created the first universal application of the principles underlying Bitcoin. Instead of using Blockchain as a way to establish / deliver value, Ethereum offers the ability to use this technology in a Turing-complete environment. Where Bitcoin implements Blockchain technology in combination with labor proof to form a coin, the value of Ethereum is derived from the ability to create universal applications.

We also see differences between the way Ethereum and Bitcoin implemented their decentralized currencies. Most notably, the supply of BTC has a universal limit, while the ETH supply is limited annually by ETH 18 million, but there is no limit set in addition.

 After creating your bitcoin account you enter these sites:

  • com
  • Ethereum Faucet
  • net
  • org

How to start earning?

Once you enter these links and have already created your ether wallet, at all these sites you will get a place typed “ether wallet” just paste the address of your ether wallet and buy ether.

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